When necessary, our unit is also equipped with a surgery table that allows us to perform minor surgeries such as laceration repairs, lump removals, as well as biopsies of suspicious masses. We can perform spays or neuters on your cats, as well as neuters on male dogs under 25lb.

We recommend your pet receive lab work prior to sedation to avoid problems with interactions of drugs and metabolic problems, and we send pain control medication home whenever a surgery is performed to improve healing afterward. When necessary, we may recommend a traditional hospital for overnight care since we do not keep any surgeries overnight.

Our cat spays and neuters recover from surgery on a 4″ thick soft bed! Most are so comfortable the owners that pick up have a hard time getting them to come out of the cage! Recovery time is spent on our unit, and then the patient is sent home to the care of the owner with specific instructions for aftercare. We provide laser therapy of the spay incision post surgery as we have found this speeds healing time and decreases irritation at the incision. We also provide three days of post surgery pain medication to help speed healing from surgery. Comfort is our goal!

At this time we are not performing spays on dogs due to the longer recovery time, and the fact that we may have to travel to other calls during their recovery time. Riding in the back of our unit can sometimes be nauseating on a good day-not to mention when you have had surgery! We hope you understand! We do recommend local spay/neuter clinics in Bristol, Va called Margaret-Mitchell Spay Neuter Clinic (contact them at (276) 591-5790), or in Christiansburg, VA at Mountain View Spay Neuter Clinic (contact them at (540) 562-8440) . These clinics offer low cost spays and neuters by trained professionals!