Pet Hospice Care and Euthanasia Services

Wythe Care Veterinary Service, Inc is able to provide Hospice care for your critically ill pet in the comfort of their home. Dr. Trina Leedy is able to come to your home, and provide care for elderly and sick pets that no longer are able or comfortable to travel.

Care provided includes pain management, fluid hydration therapy, nausea management, consultation on diet and medications, treatment options, and laboratory monitoring of disease to help keep the pet as comfortable as possible.

When the time comes and the pet is struggling to be comfortable, Dr. Leedy can assist with easing the pain, and providing euthanasia services when needed. While no one wants to let their pet go, Dr. Leedy provides a peaceful alternative to the trip to the Veterinary office, allowing the pet to be at home with family in its final hours. Cremation services can be arranged by Dr. Leedy as well.